Preserving Wedding Memories for Years to Come

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Your wedding day may very well be the biggest day of your life, and for many, it is second only to the days their children were born. Preserving those wedding day memories may not seem like a big deal right now because that day is still fresh in your mind, but as the years wear on, those memories may start to fade. By taking steps to preserve the special moments of the day, you can enjoy these memories for the rest of your life.

The first step for preserving your wedding memories is to take pictures. Any type of camera works great for a wedding and it allows you to capture every special moment. Wedding photography is important to many couples and there are several options to consider when taking these pictures. The first option available is to bring your own camera and ask a family member to take the photos. Another option is to hire a professional photographer. A photographer can capture every moment from the ceremony to the reception. If there is extra time between these events, you can gather at a local park for pictures with the bridal party. Regardless of how many pictures you order, making sure that they are preserved correctly. Always handle pictures by their edges, as the natural oils on your hands could cause smudging, fading, and discoloration.

Aside from taking photos, you can order a professional video of your wedding. Although these can be expensive, they are well worth the investment. Like the photos, the video captures every special moment of your celebration from the ceremony to the reception.

If you choose to take pictures at your wedding, you can create a memory book. These scrap books are an excellent method of preserving these memories because you can always look back to this special day. These scrap books may also contain your photos from your honeymoon.

You can also purchase a guest book to help you remember who celebrated your big day with you. Guest books can be signed before the ceremony, or you can use the guest book at the reception, where people often have more time to leave personal messages. Some guest book kits come with a kit for storage, as well as drawer where you can keep a copy of your invitation, special wedding pictures, or your marriage license. When looking for a guest book or a photo album, make sure you find one that is acid free. Acid is what makes pages turn yellow and brittle with age, so by choosing an acid free guest book instead, yours can stay as preserved as possible. As for your invitation, if you do not store it with your guest book, consider getting it framed. Small wedding-related displays in your home look beautiful and help you remember how you felt that day.

Preserving your wedding dress is also important. There are a number of ways to preserve your wedding dress, but it starts with making sure the garment is clean. Do not try to do this yourself, even if you have a very casual wedding dress. In fact, you should not even take your wedding dress to your regular dry cleaner. Look for a dry cleaner with experience in dealing with wedding dresses, and take it there right away – do not wait until you get back from your honeymoon. If you are leaving right away, this duty may fall to the mother of the bride or the maid of honor. After the dress is clean, you can have it preserved in a box, either sealed or not. You can also have the dress carefully cut and turned into pillows, wall hangings, or other decorative pieces. What is most important is that you do not just throw the dress in the back of your closet and forget about it.

Do not forget to preserve items from your honeymoon. Many couples do not think about it, but ten or twenty years down the road, you may wish you had those ticket stubs, itineraries, pictures, postcards, and other items from your honeymoon. Here is a good idea, while on vacation, keep a special pocket or bag where you store items that you want to save. At the end of each day, put the items you have in that pocket or bag so that they are not scattered when you get home or, worse, accidentally thrown away.

Today, your wedding day might be clear in your mind. For many couples, those memories of the day may last forever, but it is always nice to have beautiful reminders of your big day. Do not overlook preservation just because you feel like you do not need it to remember your wedding right now. You will thank yourself in the future that you have taken the time to preserve your memories today.

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