Tips For Planning A Small Wedding

December 31st, 2009

A small wedding can be far more intimate than a large wedding, and planning a small wedding is well within the reach of most people. At a small wedding, you will have more time to spend with your friends and family, and it will most likely be far less stressful. You will be able to concentrate on the details and make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

When planning a small wedding for a few close friends and family members, you will be able to be more flexible with some of the details than you would otherwise. For example, where food is concerned you’ll have a lot more leeway. Depending on what your budget will allow, you can have hors d’oeuvres, a full buffet, or go all out with a catered event. If your wedding party is small enough, you can even reserve a room at a nice restaurant.

Planning a small wedding should not break the budget, and you can spend the money where it really matters. While no one will remember what they ate or drank, the photos and videos from the event will last forever. Your wedding should be a one-time affair, and you’ll want to capture photos of you in your wedding gown, and you’ll want them to be of the highest quality. You definitely don’t want to skimp on the photos and videos.

You will be able to involve your guests for when planning a small wedding. At one wedding, the couple had each guest sign their name and write their sentiments on the tablecloth. Through the next several years, the wife took those sentiments and embroidered them onto the tablecloth. Today, that is a cherished heirloom that will get passed down through the generations.

Smaller, more intimate weddings generally seem more personal than the large social gatherings some couples choose. When you are planning a small wedding, you have a lot more options on where to hold the event. You can have it in your home or another home, you could have a garden wedding, or you could rent a gazebo and have the wedding guests gather around it has you exchange vows.

Whether you decide to plan a small wedding or a large wedding, the size of the wedding is not necessarily tied to the size of the budget. Many couples have large weddings on a small budget, and you can definitely have a small wedding on a large budget. If you are planning a small wedding though, you should be better able to get the groom involved with the planning. Large weddings can be intimidating to the groom, as they see a lot of people involved. Planning a small wedding gives you both an opportunity to exchange ideas before you exchange your vows.

Matt Ream


What would be the most memorable way to write wedding father speeches?

December 30th, 2009

How would one approach the father of the bride wedding speech so as to ensure the best possible speech?

People often overlook the importance of a good intro to any speech. I firmly believe that if you can hit a home run with your intro then you are halfway to speech stardom. Remember that the day is not about you and do not try to get out of the limelight as fast as you can.

Don’t just say nice things about the bride. Include some examples of the great things she accomplished and the contribution she made to the family. In the whole process try to convey to the guests why she would be an awesome wife and mother. A little humor thrown in can also spice things up but don’t try to start a career as a comic. And lastly practice,practice, practice!It is probably the last chance you will have to praise you daughter in public and it might even strengthen your relationship if done well.


Preserving Wedding Memories for Years to Come

December 28th, 2009


Your wedding day may very well be the biggest day of your life, and for many, it is second only to the days their children were born. Preserving those wedding day memories may not seem like a big deal right now because that day is still fresh in your mind, but as the years wear on, those memories may start to fade. By taking steps to preserve the special moments of the day, you can enjoy these memories for the rest of your life.

The first step for preserving your wedding memories is to take pictures. Any type of camera works great for a wedding and it allows you to capture every special moment. Wedding photography is important to many couples and there are several options to consider when taking these pictures. The first option available is to bring your own camera and ask a family member to take the photos. Another option is to hire a professional photographer. A photographer can capture every moment from the ceremony to the reception. If there is extra time between these events, you can gather at a local park for pictures with the bridal party. Regardless of how many pictures you order, making sure that they are preserved correctly. Always handle pictures by their edges, as the natural oils on your hands could cause smudging, fading, and discoloration.

Aside from taking photos, you can order a professional video of your wedding. Although these can be expensive, they are well worth the investment. Like the photos, the video captures every special moment of your celebration from the ceremony to the reception.

If you choose to take pictures at your wedding, you can create a memory book. These scrap books are an excellent method of preserving these memories because you can always look back to this special day. These scrap books may also contain your photos from your honeymoon.

You can also purchase a guest book to help you remember who celebrated your big day with you. Guest books can be signed before the ceremony, or you can use the guest book at the reception, where people often have more time to leave personal messages. Some guest book kits come with a kit for storage, as well as drawer where you can keep a copy of your invitation, special wedding pictures, or your marriage license. When looking for a guest book or a photo album, make sure you find one that is acid free. Acid is what makes pages turn yellow and brittle with age, so by choosing an acid free guest book instead, yours can stay as preserved as possible. As for your invitation, if you do not store it with your guest book, consider getting it framed. Small wedding-related displays in your home look beautiful and help you remember how you felt that day.

Preserving your wedding dress is also important. There are a number of ways to preserve your wedding dress, but it starts with making sure the garment is clean. Do not try to do this yourself, even if you have a very casual wedding dress. In fact, you should not even take your wedding dress to your regular dry cleaner. Look for a dry cleaner with experience in dealing with wedding dresses, and take it there right away – do not wait until you get back from your honeymoon. If you are leaving right away, this duty may fall to the mother of the bride or the maid of honor. After the dress is clean, you can have it preserved in a box, either sealed or not. You can also have the dress carefully cut and turned into pillows, wall hangings, or other decorative pieces. What is most important is that you do not just throw the dress in the back of your closet and forget about it.

Do not forget to preserve items from your honeymoon. Many couples do not think about it, but ten or twenty years down the road, you may wish you had those ticket stubs, itineraries, pictures, postcards, and other items from your honeymoon. Here is a good idea, while on vacation, keep a special pocket or bag where you store items that you want to save. At the end of each day, put the items you have in that pocket or bag so that they are not scattered when you get home or, worse, accidentally thrown away.

Today, your wedding day might be clear in your mind. For many couples, those memories of the day may last forever, but it is always nice to have beautiful reminders of your big day. Do not overlook preservation just because you feel like you do not need it to remember your wedding right now. You will thank yourself in the future that you have taken the time to preserve your memories today.

Lisa Parker


Wedding Photos: Think Before You Ask An Amateur

December 24th, 2009

If you don’t hire a professional wedding photographer, then you’ll want to adhere to this feature set when you select a digital camera for taking photography at the wedding. This should never be taken lightly – even though professional wedding photographers are expensive, they are certain to do a great job and leave all the worry on their shoulders, not yours. You want to make sure that you are going to have photos and images to remember forever. Think twice before trusting your precious images to friends or relations (although they can, of course, take good supplementary informal images which you can cherish as well).

Make sure they choose a camera that can zoom from far away without producing a grainy or unclear picture. It’s sometimes hard to get close-up to the scene at a wedding so you’ll need the best zoom feature. Optical zoom is a good friend and will ensure a better quality of image. Next, it’s important for a camera to have a high mega pixel range, say 5 or above. This is especially critical for making prints because resolution affects the illusory realism of the picture in the sharpness, etc.

Furthermore, the memory capacity of the camera is important because of the multitude of pictures you take at a wedding. It can be daunting and you don’t want anything to go wrong.. You won’t want to run out of memory at the couple’s initial kiss as a newly married couple. In other words, you don’t want, “You may kiss the bride”, to become equivalent to, “No more memory, please shut down the camera.”

There is usually someone that knows the bride or the groom that is a keen amateur photographer. They are often willing to take pictures at your wedding. But think twice – although you may be saving money, you may also be creating a headache for yourself (and the amateur cameraman).

Eric Hartwell


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Wedding speeches/toasts?

December 24th, 2009

I am maid of honour at my sis’s wedding. I am also horrible at speeches. Does anyone know of a free website where I can get a good speech and just modify it?
I tried searching but all I found were websites that wanted me to pay / subscribe to email.

There are books at places like hallmark or chapters, that write short speeches or paragraphs about Friendship, sisters and love. I’d recommend having a look at these and writing down a couple of them you like. They sound beautiful and from the heart, and say what you really feel….one of the books is called True Friends Always Remain in Each Others Heart (A Blue Mountain Arts Collection)
You can read a couple of birthday or congratulations cards for sisters, and copy what they have said.
It’s totally ok to be nervous saying a speech, but when you say it, just direct it to your sister like you’re talking over a coffee, and it will feel less stressful for you. Good luck with it!


How long should a groom wedding speech be?

December 21st, 2009

Hi, I’m getting married next week 🙂 Does anybody know how long should a groom wedding speech be? I think it shouldn’t be too long. Am I correct?
Thank you.

3 mins tops. not even 5 mins. you and the bride will write thank you’s after the wedding, so you can thank your parents and guests then. in fact there’s no reason for the bride or groom to do a speech at all at the wedding since you’ll be greeting each guest individually either during the receiving line after the ceremony, or at each table before or after dinner at the reception.

Top Five Tips for Getting Great Wedding Photos

December 15th, 2009

You’ve booked the venue, you’ve invited the guests. The clothes and flowers are all chosen and the table plans have been pored over. All in all, you’ve made every arrangement to ensure that the day goes well not just for you but for all your friends and family. But what about the photos?

These top tips will help you to get the photos of your dreams from the day of your life.

1. Don’t rule out doing it yourself. Surprised? You probably don’t expect to feed the guests yourself and few people these days make their own outfits, so why wouldn’t you hire a professional photographer to take the photos or film the whole event?

For starters, nobody knows your friends and family like you do, except for them themselves. Many professional photographers stipulate that no one else is allowed to take pictures at your wedding – after all they want you to buy as many pictures from them as you can. But professional photographers tend to concentrate on posed pictures of the ‘wedding party’ post-vows and whilst we may want a record of how fine we looked, those stiff group shots never sum up the feel of a day like a picture of a loved one laughing or revellers on a dance floor. By allowing your friends and family to take their own shots, you can get those candid shots that a professional would never think to take.

2. Appoint two family members to be head photographers. Why two? Unless your families know each other very well, the chances are that each photographer will show a bias towards the people they know. So whilst the groom’s family are in every shot, the bride’s might be neglected. Most families have at least one person with a photography hobby that they’d love an opportunity to practice. You might think the day is all about you, but a wedding is a huge celebration of your commitment and in years to come you’ll enjoy looking at the pictures of your friends and family enjoying themselves. Yes, you want some great shots of you and your spouse looking your very best, but don’t neglect the guests!

3. Put a disposable camera on every table at the reception and offer a prize for the best photos. Sounds unconventional? Well, you may find a few unwanted snaps come development time, but this ups the chance that the cameras will be filled. Quite often people forget about the cameras after the first bottle of wine is opened and at the end of the event only a few pictures may have been taken. By offering a token gift for each filled camera brought to you at the end of the night you’ll be sure of having photos that show what happened after the vows have been said and the posed shots are over.

4. Encourage your friends to bring their cameras and get them to email digital shots to you afterwards or forward their pictures by post. Once the wedding is over you’ll realise just how little time you got to spend with each guest and it’s far better to have as many pictures to choose from as possible of your big day, particularly if you plan to print them for an album later. Don’t forget to ask when you write your thank yous.

5. Remember that even the best laid plans can go awry. Having a photo of that ripped veil or Uncle Bob drunk (again) under a table or the pageboy picking his nose at the critical moment will one day be something you can laugh about when the photos come out. If you do decide to go the ‘unprofessional’ route of wedding photos, the good thing about using amateurs is that you won’t be relying on just one person to produce the goods. Because even professionals can get it wrong and if that happens, the chances could be that you’ll have no record at all.

Abbi Rouse


In what order do speeches go after a wedding?

December 13th, 2009

I’ve heard so many variations and I’m not sure if there is a traditional order but does it go Father of the bride>Groom>Best man? Or does it not matter?

We had, father of the bride, groom and finished with the best man. Do whatever you want and in which ever order you want. It is your wedding afterall.


Wedding Speeches Im the Maid of Honor?

December 12th, 2009

Im The maid of honor in my sisters wedding Im 16 and she said I didnt have to do one but I think its important that I do. But I need help writing. any advice?tips? samples? good webs? I need a lot of info so please send everything you can! thanks!!!
also she has 2 maid of honors (including me) and 2 best men. Also there are 5 bridesmaids and groomsmen

I would say very nice things about her since you are her sister and then at the end say I am very excited for you and (whatever his name is) and I know that you guys will have a life long of happiness together…

Good Luck!


How do I calculate costs for DIY wedding flowers?

December 3rd, 2009

I’m planning on creating my own flower arrangements for my wedding but I’m running into issues when I try to calculate costs. I have no idea how many flowers I need for the arrangements. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways I can calculate this ahead of time? Or know of a book or website that will give me some instructions? Thanks!

I’m also doing DIY flowers. I’ve already done up a sample centerpiece. You need to keep in mind the vase you plan on using, the type of flowers you’re using, and how many bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces you plan on doing. I would go to Fifty-Flowers (online) and speak with a live representative. I’m using carnations and roses in my centerpieces with 15 roses and 15 carnations in each one. I’ll also add in some baby’s breath to each. I have 16 tables, but if you use Fifty-Flowers, they have very good prices and the flowers come to you fresher than if you got them from a florist.

Good Luck!


What are nice wedding Flowers for a summer wedding in the UK?

December 1st, 2009

I am getting married next year and I want a few ideas of what flowers are nice to use for a summer UK wedding.
I like peony roses and tulips.

I’d say go with the roses and peonies. The tulips in my opinion wouldn’t go with those flowers. Then add some greenery I heard recently that people are putting herbs in as greenery. Maybe some rosemary or thyme? The woodiness of their aroma should go nicely with the sweetness of the rose and the peony.


What Type of flowers did you have for your wedding and why?

November 18th, 2009

I am trying to get ideas on wedding flowers. What type of flowers and colors are you using for your wedding and why?

My colors are hunter green, with chocolate and ivory accents. I am doing flowers that are a mix of greens, browns, ivory, and white to match colors.

Centerpieces will be green spider mums, kermit button mums, ivory roses, and chocolate artichokes with river rocks in them.

My bouquet will be a dark calla lily called Naomi, ivory roses, chartreuse zinnias, kermit button mums, and italian ruskus greenery.

I picked the flowers that matched my colors and also ones I really like-like the dahlias.
Bridesmaid bouquets are white dahlias and white tulips. Boutonnieres are white tulips for groomsmen and chartreuse zinnia for my FI. Moms will have white dahlias.


how many bouquets of wedding flowers will i need?

November 10th, 2009

our wedding is in march, outdoors. i want red roses. my centerpieces will be nice bowls filled with favors. to cut down on floral costs, is it appropriate to only have flowers for me, my 3 bridesmaids, and the mens butinneres? i will have flowers for the alter-arch thing too. do i need any more for a nice wedding?

You might want to consider rose petals to glam up the tables, cake table and for the flower girls?

I used fake flowers for the arch

and a very nice, elegant and cheap centerpiece is a bowl filled with water, river rocks and one open rose and sprinkle some rose petals around — it would love AWESOME

The Floating Rose
(of course, you would put it in a bigger bowl)

What is a cheap alternative for wedding flowers?

November 1st, 2009

I want the look of flowers but not the price (where I live the cheapest is $250) and I’m on a very tight budget. I was wondering if there is any way I can have flowers that look great without the price tag. I want to only spend maybe 100. I have 3 bridesmaids, 3 grooms men, and one flower girl. I also want the groom to have a flower or something, the 2 moms and the 2 grandmoms. Any ideas? I dont really want to use fake flowers either. Its an outdoor wedding

I am either going to order my flowers from or just put ribbons around grocery store bouquets.

I have practiced creating bouquets and am buying my flowers in bulk and everything else I need from a craft store. I am creating boutonnieres for 5 groomsmen, my fiance, and 2 dads. I am making corsages for 3 grandmothers and 2 moms, bouquets for myself and 5 bridesmaids.

I am looking into prices of flowers and types. Carnations have always been a favorite of mine, and at they are $74.99 for 150 stems. Hydrangea are easy to work with because you need very few stems to complete your look, they’re $109.99 for 30 stems. There’s a lot of options out there for a girl on a budget! Look at your friends’ and families’ yards, they may have pretty flowers that they will allow you to pick and use right from the garden! My cousin did that, she got all the blue hydrangea from her parents’ neighborhood. Her flowers were great!

Wedding Speeches from the bride and groom?

October 22nd, 2009

Me and my husband-to-be, are both not confident about speaking in front of a large amount of people. We are thinking about doing a joint speech, how would you feel if you were at a wedding at the bride and groom both stood up and picthed a speech?

Also, any ideas where you can read old speeches for a bit of a template.

its gr8 i mean if you both give a joint speech it will show ur love and how comfortable u people r together…………..and the firstb thing u do after marraige together then it shows that u people always do everything together and agree to similar ideas….less quarreling……
go ahead>>>>>>>>